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Only Welshpoultry is the sole Welsh agent for these specific bloodlines from French, Dutch and Belgium hatcheries in addition to our own parent stock. They offer superior longevity, hardiness and consistancy in lay. See the "About us" page to find out more


On the day of purchase, we usually have fresh feed available to take away. Most people thereafter have a local feed supplier to buy layers pellets. Our advice with the feed is clear, the birds diet should be 80% layers pellet minimum. NO OYSTER SHELL GRIT. Any mixed corn should be presoaked at least a day before to soften it and to stimulate germination and increasing the nutrient content.


Local suppliers of layers pellet include Twinpet (Hannah St, Porth), Mole Valley (Bridgend industrial estate), Cathys Farm shop (Nelson), 3 Counties Agriculture (Bedwas,Caerphilly) and Wye Valley Feeds (Monmouth) Wherever you decide to buy your layers pellet from, always check the use by date as the vitamins do degrade

We usually have crumb, growers and layers available to ensure the best start and continuation with your birds regardless of the age you get them. Our prices are as follows : -


Layers Pellet 20kg £12

Growers Pellet 20kg ACS £13

Chick Crumb ACS 20kg £13, 10kg £8


We do reccommend appropriate, safe and reliable feeders and drinkers like we use ourselves. There are usually 3 types of feeders and three types of drinkers to choose from which allow for a range of feedstuffs and mixes to be used.


The only bedding we use is simple straw in the nest boxes and dust extracted shavings on the floor, again we sell both but happy to advise you on where you can buy in the future closer to you, the main thing is to avoid expensive pet shop straw and get the longest lasting shavings so you know your budget and time is being used sensibly


We are back open on Saturdays 10-4 for collections, see updated availability page for breed and age ranges. 

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